McDonalds, Clifton, Karachi

Ever since McDonalds have opened the doors of our restaurants both in Karachi & Lahore in 1998, we have been proud to provide our customers the same great taste, outstanding value and superior service that is synonymous with the Golden Arches all over the world.

McDonalds, Clifton, Karachi

There are now 21 restaurants in 7 major cities of Pakistan. (8 in Karachi, 8 in Lahore , 1 in Islamabad & 1 in Rawalpindi) Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonalds every day- trusting the company to provide them with food of a very high standard, quick service and value for money. So next time you walk into one of our restaurants, please remember, McDonalds Pakistan is here now, to put a smile on your face, each and every time you visit us.

Serving Hours: 12pm-12am (Weekdays) 12pm-12am (Weekends)

BudgetCost Per Head: Rs. 200-399

Phone Number: +92-21-111-244-622 (111-BIG-MAC); +92-21-35822571; +92-21-35869087
Address: Clifton pride, Plot No, G-3/1, Block 8,near 3 talwar Main Clifton Road, Karachi, Pakistan

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